Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winnetka Class Feb. 3rd, 2010

This week, we were able to take a hike since the weather was not too cold. I first asked all of the kids a question. I asked them if they thought Lake Michigan was frozen. Most kids guessed that the

lake was frozen. A few kids said it was part frozen and part not.
We then walked to the Lake to see if we were correct. We were NOT.
The lake was not frozen.
On the way to and from the lake, the boys had a wonderful time playing on the climbing tree.
Also, the boys all remembered the cicada on the tree in the park next to the lake. They wanted to see if the cicada was still there. They were disappointed to see that the cicada was gone. I told the boys that they would see more when summer comes.
The morning class listened to two books while they ate lunch. I read "Buzzes Backpack Adventure". I also read "Stranger in the Woods" in which animals are curious but hesitant to investigate a "stranger" in their woods. The stranger turns out to be a snowman that children made that includes a carrot nose and bird seed in the hat for the animals to eat. This book has beautiful pictures!

The afternoon class made beautiful valentines and very much enjoyed building the marble maze

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