Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winnetka Class Feb. 17th, 2010

Another great day at Tiny Treks!

The boys started outside playing in the snow. Some of their activities included building snowmen, destroying snowmen, sledding, making snow angels, and trying to build a snow fort.

I had each boy collect snow in a cup and bring the cup inside with him. We then dropped in tub tint(s) into the cups and observed how long it took for the tub tint(s) to dissolve and change the color of the snow. I filled another cup with tap water and dropped a tub tint in that cup. The boys observed how quickly the tub tint dissolved in the tap water (about room temperature) vs. how long it took the tub tints to dissolve in the snow.

Both classes very much enjoyed building the marble maze, which they built from the top of the table all the way to the ground! They also very much enjoyed placing the marbles in the track and watching the marbles go all the way through the maze.

I read several books to each class including a LEGO book and "The Very Quiet Cricket".

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